Patients and Families
“Thank you for your care and concern during my stay in the hospital. You helped me ventilate my emotions and let me find hope in my life.”
“You accompanied my mother when she was down. You arranged Baptism for her, and let her have peace to enter her heavenly home. Thank you!”
“Thank you for every word of consolation, and every kindness, which let us feel love on earth”
“The Anointing of the Sick manifested God’s love for my mother. She rested in peace. Thank you.”
“Thank you for all the thoughtful things you gave from the heart.”
“Having peace when facing death, is not due to numbness, but rather to transformation. I learned it. Thanks.”
“Our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness, care and efforts in providing help needed. God’s blessings and graces be upon you.”
“It was God’s blessing that my mother met priest and you during the last days of her life. We felt much peace from your care and prayers for her. We believe my mother is now being embraced in the love of God and has entered eternal rest.”